Shop-in-shop systems - your brand in focus!

Especially with the growing ECommerce competition, the creation of brand and product worlds at the point of sale plays an increasingly important role. The customer wants to dive into the "shopping experience" and wishes diverse impulses. With a shop-in-shop solution, you create a unique atmosphere for your clientele. Visual and design elements, which can also be supplemented by auditory, olfactory or multimedia effects, help with this. The feel-good factor increases customer loyalty and promotes the sale of your products. Giessegi - Werbung supports you in achieving this goal by producing high-quality permanent displays and complete shop-in-shop systems for presenting your brand.

What is a shop-in-shop system?

Shop-in-shop systems are sales areas that are very different in design and appearance from the rest of the shop area. These specialized departments are widely used in retail e.g. in major retail and fashion stores, hardware stores, shopping malls, speciality shops and grocery stores. Due to the clearly separated sales area, the product range of a certain brand, a certain product group or even promotional goods can be optimally presented. This is usually accompanied by a special service on the part of the shop with more and specially trained staff and special promotions.

Unique product worlds - our shop-in-shop systems

Whether cosmetics, hobby, gardening or DIY or toys - our shop-in-shop systems are 100% tailor-made for the respective industry to cover all market and location-specific conditions. We work with individual modules made of high-quality processed plastic, which are flexible to build. These are a variety of individual displays that complement each other optimally, such as floor displays, demo tools, effect display, shelving systems, counter displays and much more. Depending on the customer's request, an arbitrarily large area can be equipped for the planned shop-in-shop. Of course, at any time compliant with your corporate design and, of course, also high-quality finished and equipped.

Why choose a shop-in-shop system from Giessegi-Werbung?

  • Many years of experience in the production of shop-in-shop systems
  • Durable modules made of high-quality plastics
  • Numerous model, equipment & finishing options
  • Constructed by an experienced design team on site
  • Competence in numerous industries and markets
  • 100% individual and with brand-specific corporate design
  • Short delivery routes through "Made in Germany"
  • Very good value for money

Do not leave all the success to the competition! Take advantage of all the possibilities that a shop-in-shop system offers your products and start planning your own brand strategy today - together with our professionals at Giessegi Advertising. We are looking forward to hearing from you!