Our presenter – Highly customized & tailor made for your product

Would you like to introduce a new product, or visualize the advantages of your goods portfolio via POS? Then our presenters could be just the right thing for you! Present your articles to the general public with a 100% customized display. We ensure perfect staging and create presentation elements with high-quality advertising material that perfectly underline your advertising message.

What is a presenter?

By "presenter" it is understood - as the name already implies – the presentation of displays, i.e. advertising materials that are not primarily designed to be sold (see Dispenser), but rather to demonstrate and present products that are. Because it is of the greatest importance that the information and explanation are attached to the article being sold, e.g. Functional or techniques is laid, is in the presentation of the sensory perception (visual, auditory, olfactory, haptic, etc.) in the foreground. Our presenters are Tailor- planned and made for your product.

Which presenter types can we produce for you?

At our location in Wiesenttal-Streitberg, we produce goods of all kinds for our customers, mainly through plastics processing (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.), for example:

  • product pillars
  • Presentoirs
  • rotating displays
  • plugged presenter
  • product platforms
  • demo presenter
  • showcases
  • and a lot more.

In addition, we also process other materials such as cardboard, wood, Dibond, aluminum or various composites. No matter what kind of presentation display you need, we are your reliable production partner! Our presenter solutions are as individual as your product - implemented with over 65 years of experience in the production of advertising material for the point of sale.

Be more successful at the POS with the best Presenters

Secure the optimal success of your product range at the point of sale with the help of our customized goods presenter. Within our large production halls on site, we have the opportunity to produce even the most unusual product presentations. No matter what you want to promote - from sporting goods, to pharmaceutical products, to the latest start-up idea - your advertising conceptions are in the best hands with us and are formed together by our producers!

Scappa Brillenpresenter

Why a presenter from Giessegi?

  • Over 65 years of experience in the production of presenters
  • 100% customized & CI-oriented
  • Our Presenters are Next generation and on the cutting edge of technology
  • Constructed by experienced Model designers on site
  • Innovations guaranteed by our own development team
  • Construction of high-quality materials according to the latest production methods
  • Many presenter examples & reference available to customers
  • very good value for money

Excellence in the production of your advertising media has always been our claim! Get in contact with us now and plan your presenters together with Giessegi advertising for the point of sale. We look forward to your inquiry!