Floor displays – the classic among the POS advertising materials

The floor display is one of the classic strategies when it comes to the point of sale. High stability and longevity through high-quality plastic processing combined with an attractive design ensure that the display becomes a real customer magnet. From the information pillar for customer service systems, to pallet displays for seasonal items, to rotary dispensers as high-quality permanent displays, we can offer you every kind of floor display. With the right floor display, you can create the eye catcher for the first or second placement of your product at a critical point of sale in the store room and sustainably increase your sales.

What is a floor display?

Floor displays are all types of advertising displays placed on the floor. The displays usually have a height of at least 1.70 meters to work in the direct field of vision of the customer. Floor displays are available in many different forms: such as turning, sticking, as columns, pouring and much more. They have a particularly sturdy construction and can carry more weight and therefore a large number of products. As there are no limits to the design and shape, the floor display is the ideal sales aid at the POS and can be used both as a presenter (presenting products) and as a dispenser (Product-removal display).

What floor displays can Giessegi Werbung deliver?

In our factories in Upper Franconia, we produce the advertising material according to the need and wishes of every individual costumer. As the construction of floor displays belongs to the core competence of Giessegi, we can produce any kind of floor displays, such as:

  • pallet displays
  • carousels
  • turrets
  • plugged displays
  • advertising columns
  • information kiosks
  • Stage systems
  • Stands
  • standing displays
  • Stapeltray displays
  • and many more.

Whether for the introduction of a new product, for permanent stationing in the cash register area or for secondary placement next to the primary shelf space - with a floor display by Giessegi, you can visibly raise your products at the POS. We are looking forward to your message!

A real eye-catcher - floor displays by Giessegi

As a display professional, we offer our customers numerous options for equipping or refining their floor display: bulkheads, raffle boxes, borders for pallet concealment, shelves and much more to make your advertising media unique. Additional exclusivity can be achieved through finishing techniques such as high-quality digital, screen or offset printing, foil adhesive coating or elegant painting. With more than six decades of experience in the advertising technology paired with a young, innovative team on the latest knowledge of POS advertising media production, we have already convinced many customers from different industries. Take advantage of our know-how and get your legitimate competitive advantage with a floor display by Giessegi.

Why a floor display of Giessegi-Werbung?

  • Over 65 years experience in the manufacturing of floor displays
  • Numerous equipment & finishing options
  • Own development department & pattern designers
  • Durable floor displays "Made in Germany" for sustainable use
  • Ready to use
  • 100% individual & CI-adapted
  • Tailor-made offers, economically planned

From initial consultation through planning and prototyping, to production even in large batches, we are your reliable partner for high-quality display construction. We will gladly show you various examples of already produced floor displays in our exhibition room and then go directly into a joint concept with you. Contact us!