Sound, smell, light and more – Our Effect Displays

Are you looking for sophisticated, state-of-the-art advertising materials to generate your revenue through point of sales? Then you should take a detailed look at our effect displays! Here in Wiesenttal-Streitberg, in the famous Franconian Switzerland, we produce displays that attract the attention of your customers through various effects. Whether it's movement, noise or music, Dancing lights or elements of Olfactory receptiom- with an effect display, you can make an impact on your brand and your products. Want to bet on it?

What exactly is an effect display?

An effect display is an advertising medium for the POS, in which the focus is on addressing the senses (hearing, smelling, seeing, touching). Advertising accents are generated by LEDs or other illuminants, scents, motions through motors, sound effects, or a combination thereof. Effect displays are closely related to Demotools. However, allthough Demotools will always have an interactive component, the effect display serves only as an eye-catcher for the customer without any further level of interaction.

What types of advertising materials does Giessegi advertising produce?

We look back on more than 65 years of expertise in the advertising industry. During this time, we have gathered a large pool of specialist knowledge on the production and packaging of display advertising materials. Therefore, for us hardly any implementation is too difficult, we discuss the limits of display design openly and cooperatively with the customer. Basically, we can produce any form of effect displays, such as:

  • Rotating displays
  • Sound displays
  • Fragrant displays
  • Illumination displays
  • Effect counters
  • Aroma columns
  • Rotatable advertising pillars
  • combinations
  • and much more.

Should it be shiny, sound or smell good? Then our effect displays are just right for your advertising strategy. Discuss your wishes and ideas with us now.

Appeal to all your senses! Marketing with fragrances, music & Co.

Which type of effect display is the right one for your purposes, we would like to discuss this personally and non - binding. In this manner we can discuss which olfactory perception or aromas may be best suited. The floor displays or counter displays, which are printed with high quality brand and / or product messages, exude a subtle fragrance, which is often noticed subconsciously when entering the POS. This form of advertising is particularly common e.g. used in the insurance, service and banking industry to "silently" draw attention to an advertising message. In addition, the form of scent marketing can increase the time spent at the point of sale.

Do you want products that catchest he eye right away? Then lets design an illuminated Sales dispenser. Our illuminated headers, signs and pylons skillfully stage your goods. Flashing, Transitioning or running lights provide additional effects. On the other hand, the combination of several components, e.g. Movement, sounds and light may be more impressive. These effect displays are more complex to produce, but if well planned your advertising impact is guaranteed!

Schoenenberger Lauflichtdisplay

Why our Effect Displays?

  • We have accumulated over 65 years of experience in the construction of effect displays
  • Very well developed partner network regarding fragrances, LEDs etc.
  • Our young team come up with creative & innovative ideas
  • High-quality displays "Made in Germany"
  • Tailor-made offers, economically planned

Do you want to give your customers a "sensual" experience? We are looking forward to helping you plan a perfectly tailored effect display to to cater to your clients wishes. Contact us!