And action! Our interactive displays at the POS

Instead of displays for the pure presentation of goods (presenter), are you looking for a more multifaceted advertising material that can show all the advantages of your product or your product range? No problem! Plan your demo tool together with us! No matter whether you want to inform your customers, entertain them or amaze them – by using the "do it yourself" Tool station, the product remains sustainable in the consciousness of the person acting.

What is a demo tool or an interactive display?

Demo tools are advertising media with interaction components. In contrast to pure effect displays, which only passively appeals to the customer's senses, the customer is asked to preform action themselves onto a demonstration product. This can e.g. touching a touchscreen, putting on augmented or virtual reality glasses, scanning a barcode etc. The aim is to demonstrate or test certain properties of a product, to present the added value of an article with effects, or to use an entertainment factor, e.g. to create brand loyalty.

Which demo tools does Giessegi Werbung produce?

We have already been active in the advertising technology for several decades. Therefore, we look back on a great experience in the construction of all sorts of displays, especially demo tools. We incorporate touchscreens, multi-sensor tools, the latest AR or VR technology and, together with our reliable partners, we also develop the necessary software for equipping the hardware. The following demonstration tools are among what we can manufacture for you:

  • Interactive displays
  • Interactive shelving systems
  • Touch screen displays
  • Multitouch displays
  • AR displays
  • VR displays
  • Info stations
  • and many more.

The use of Demotools is very diverse and by the installation of electronic components in comparison also more expensive than the usual advertising displays. Therefore, before designing and building the tool, a detailed planning phase should take place to define the advertising goals and message of the interactive display. We are always available for discussions!

LED Glove Demotool

Courage for innovation! With the interactive displays from Giessegi

With interactive tools, you can take your advertising to the next level at the point of purchase. Have you ever thought using augmented reality displays to promote content of your product? Or would you like to send interactive content to your customers' smartphones via QR codes, NFC or Bluetooth? How about, dear food manufacturers, if your customers could taste the chocolate via the VR environment directly in the Alps or the cheese directly in the French cheese dairy? Be innovative! Interactive storytelling, combined with an exceptional display, has been proven to strengthen brand engagement. No matter which concept you have in mind for your portfolio, we are your reliable partner for those modern forms of display advertising.

Why choose a Giessegi–Werbung Demo Tool?

  • Interactive displays of the latest generation
  • Very well developed partner network regarding software, screens etc.
  • Creative & innovative ideas from a young team
  • Durable displays "Made in Germany"
  • 100% individual & CI-adapted
  • Economically useful offers

Entertain, inform, amuse, astonish ... customers with demo tools brought to you by Giessegi Werbung. Let us now advise you – together we can design the perfect interactive display for optimal success at the POS.

Osram Halolux Bodendisplay