Decorations – The icing on the cake for your advertising at the POS.

Capture the attention of your customers at the POS with decoration articles from Giessegi Werbung. We produce eye catchers for the shop window or the sales room, where no customer can guarantee to pass by. Decoration supports sales promotion and is often the icing on the cake of the overall marketing strategy. Therefore, you should not let the potential of decorative items that match your sales strategy go unused. We are happy to show you concepts and possibilities, how to inspire you with decorations and to support the effect of your displays in the sales area. After all, only those who offer a comprehensive shopping experience at the point of sale in order to satisfy the needs and wishes of the customer will ultimately also achieve higher revenues.

What kinds of decorative items does Giessegi-Werbung produce?

The expertise of Giessegi-Werbung lies mainly in the figurative field. From product replicas to decorative heads to everyday objects, we produce every kind of figurative decoration for the POS or the shop window. In addition, we offer the following types of decorative items:

  • Product replicas
  • Standees
  • mascots
  • Decorative heads
  • Decorative cubes
  • Sit Cubes
  • Deko hangers
  • Small items remodeled and resized
  • Plastic stands
  • Torsos & Busts
  • Statues
  • and much more.

Decorations can be the last little building block for the successful holistic marketing strategy. Let us advise you on how we can help you implement your ideas.

Creative & distinctive – Decorational products by Giessegi

With the decorative elements of Giessegi advertising, you will achieve more success at the POS in the long term! For this purpose, we create theme orientated decorations for occasions such as Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day from high-quality materials that you can use again and again seasonally, as well as permanent decors such as torsos or decorative heads, on which a wide variety of products can be placed. For astonishment and the wow effect in the shop window or the outdoor facilities, our large figures provide, while our effect decorations with movement, light, sound or fragrance are more aimed at appealing to the senses of the customer. In any case, the decoration generates attention, the buyer deals with the brand and the product and at best buys the advertised product directly during the same visit.

Why choose POS decoration from Giessegi-Werbung?

  • Many years of experience in the production of POS decorations
  • Holistic display concepts from a single source
  • Numerous model, equipment & finishing options
  • Long-term "decos" for seasonal, trade fair construction & events possible
  • 100% customized and tailored to your wishes
  • We have many materials: plastic, rigid foam boards, metal, wood etc.

Generate even more attention at the point of sale - with a decoration to match your display! We will support you, so that your marketing is complete in every aspect and in addition to create your displays, as well as the decorative items for shop windows, showroom or other advertising materials such as Money trays & other articles. »Talk to us!