Counter displays – little helpers with a big impact

Whether carrying merchandise, merchandising or informing - Counter displays are THE eyecatchers at sales counters or cash registers. In the smallest of spaces, new products and even sales racers can be placed perfectly in the customer's field of vision, thus ensuring a spontaneous shopping experience. With the counter displays by Giessegi-Werbung you can optimally present your product at the point of sale. In doing so, we always pay attention to the specific conditions of the product and the industry and plan in line with the market with the aim of differentiating ourselves from competitors through individual solutions and outstanding design. The optimum shape and color as well as the implementation of desired finishing techniques such as printing, painting, polishing, flocking, engraving, etc. are in the foreground.

What is a counter display?

Counter displays are small presentation elements which can be placed on the table, counter, cash register, etc. in the direct field of vision of the customer, with the goal to generate a impulse to purchase or to introduce a new product. Sometimes the counter display also serves as a purely informative element that informs you about new features or goods, in the form of a display or a combined display (see also demo tools). Counter displays are to be found in various designs. The classic, most widely used model is the dispenser for single-item collection, which is supposed to stimulate spontaneous buying.

Counter displays made by Giessegi Werbung

For more than 65 years, we have been producing advertising material for successful point of purchase products in the beautiful Franconian Switzerland. In our new factory buildings in Wiesenttal-Streitberg, we can now work even more purposefully for your advertising success with more space and more manpower. Whether counter displays with different effects or pure presentation – we produce all kinds of counter displays, for example:

  • Jewelry displays
  • Brochure Displays
  • Silent sellers
  • Counter Displays
  • Individual pens displays
  • Displays for small items
  • Counter dispensers
  • Counter presenters
  • Etageren
  • Displays with mini-chutes
  • sample donors
  • Donation boxes
  • Floor displays
  • Paper displays
  • Deco Displays
  • Mini Tower Displays
  • Figurative counter displays
  • Hole Hook displays
  • Roof shapes
  • and many more.

No matter what industry or product, we work hand in hand with you to construct the perfect counter display for your marketing success. Let´s generate more impulse purchases at the POS - with the customized counter displays by Giessegi-Werbung!

Optimal attention at checkout or counter

Counter displays by Giessegi are always tailor-made and 100% individually adapted to the wishes and advertising goals of the customer. Whether your counter display e.g. should serve as a sample dispenser in addition to the floor display and decorative elements in a new goods introduction to complete a holistic marketing strategy or whether the display at the counter as a silent salesman to carry small goods - our displays stand out from the competition and guarantee to arouse the interest of your customers.

Why a counter display of Giessegi advertising?

  • Over 65 years of experience in the production of counter displays
  • Numerous model, equipment & finishing options
  • Durable counter displays made of high quality materials
  • Competence in numerous industries and markets
  • 100% individual & CI-adapted
  • Tailor-made offers that fit into the marketing budget

Do not leave your advertising success to chance! Control your brand and product activity at the POS with a counter display of Giessegi-Werbung. From the first conversation to the delivery, we are your competent planning partner. Make an appointment now so you may convince yourself of our expertise in display construction.