was founded in March 1954 by Peter Giessegi in Unterleinleiter.

Together with other enthusiastic craftsmen who shared an eye for attention to detail and the love of designing, modeling, decorating and processing plastics with him and thanks to the steadily increasing demand over the decades for the advertising materials created in this combination, the company Giessegi- Advertising developed to what it is today: Your specialist in promoting Point of Sales.

Our constant sense of Market demands, and the use of always up-to-date technical innovations has for many years ensured the future of our dynamic, a family owned business currently occupying almost 50 employees. We have a clear vision of the future with which the entire team identifies and the employees individual expertise are the foundation for this.

By integrating light, sound, motion and current digital and interactive functions, we enable our customers - and their customers - a unique experience with P.O.S. It has always been our aspiration to innovate and use new technologies that help our customers' advertising campaigns succeed. With ambition, enthusiasm and attention to detail, we search every day for exciting opportunities to further improve our already mature solutions.

  • Giessegi - Werbung is reliable, down-to-earth and innovative!
    A great mix and just the right partner for us!
    > Stabilo ®
  • A true partnership proves itself in the hard everyday life. Working together over 30 years is probably the best argument for their quality. For us, Giessegi is a partner that solves many of our problems. Whether technically or on time, they always have creative solutions ready and at a fair price.
    > Playmobil ®
  • Giessegi-Werbung is: Absolutely reliable, always fair,
    completely serious - a first-class partner!
    > First Christmas by Rosenau
  • Giessegi-Werbung stands for:
    Creativity - with traction
    Quality - at a good price
    Problem solving - in the spirit of partnership and
    Production that is proudly made in Germany by Franconians
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Our unique promotional materials are made from high quality materials and are crafted in proprietary processes to ensure that we always deliver excellent products.


We can create local jobs and contribute to the economic development of the region. Whenever possible we buy our materials from regional suppliers. This protects the environment through short traffic routes
Even before the start of the production process, we use specially treated plastics to ensure that we can only use solvent-free, water-dilutable paints in our modern paint shop. Unusable plastic remnants are recycled.


Modern & Innovative


We thrive towards occupational safety and a positive working atmosphere. All employees are supervised by an external occupational safety specialist and a occupational physician. This is reflected by extremely responsible and motivated employees.


We spend a lot of time and energy trying to find innovative ways to create a new and better product, and to make our work more effective and efficient.


Unparalleled customer service is our focus, to ensure the best all-round experience.

High Flexibility, reliability and creativity

Our employees are enthusiastic about new techniques and technologies. We use modern means of communication, leading techniques and manufacturing methods.
modern & innovative
very good value for money
Through the targeted use of modern EDP and efficient machines and manufacturing processes, we achieve high quality with low production costs.
We do not only talk about our competences, we also prove them. For you, this means consistent high quality materials and workmanship, delivery reliability, clear price / performance ratio, in short: the certitude of having a reliable partner!
Full individual Service
From the development of your tailor-made product, to the production, to on-time delivery - With our wide range of services supplemented by our strong partners, you get everything from one source!
High material and manufacturing competence
Our long-standing, experienced and first-class trained employees guarantee you fast and professional solutions - even with complex tasks.
Quality from Germany
From planning to shipping. You get a quality product - Made in Germany!


At Giessegi Werbung, we believe we can give your business a decisive competitive advantage - time, money and quality. We achieve this through individual, high-quality prmotional media that make your product irresistible through interactive elements, the use of all the senses and the use of high-quality materials.


Our vision is to be the #1 contact for companies worldwide when it comes to making their products or brands famous!