Business activities

Our strength is the workmanship of different plastics. No matter if Polystyrene, ABS, rigid PVC, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate or acrylic glass we create highest-quality displays of the different thermoplasts.

As medium-sized company with 24 employees, we are flexible and independent. Our own development department and our in-house mould-construction ensure short ways and short reaction times. So we can guarantee a short and moreover a smooth and faultless processing and execution and therefore, we save time and avoid misunderstandings.

The technique of vacuum thermoforming enables a cost-efficient and precise workmanship of plastics, not only for major orders, but also for smaller quantities. Of course, we also work with paperboard, wood or metal. If requested, we can also print your display in our in-house screenprint. For smaller quantities, for example in foreign languages, we can also work with digital prints, to keep a low price level.

Our experience also extends over the field of electronics, light and motion-technology. Therefore, we do not produce only beautiful displays, but by addition of light-, motion- and sound-effects we create very striking messengers of your sales argumentation.

Up to the electronic sales consultant from our Info & Sale range, you can get everything from one source. We can do almost everything.

With our multisided machinery, the different plastics can be sawn, punched, thrilled, thermoformed, milled and polished. We enrich the surfaces by varnishing, printing, sandblasting, laminating or coating. By using these numerous means we create your very individual display. In this way, your POS appearance will be inimitably. With our help, you will achieve more at the POS, because we approach you to your customer.