Logo HOESCH- Beschreibung: HOESCH: Badewanne, Duschkabine, Duschwanne, Dampfbad, Whirlwanne, Whirlpool, Whirlsystem

Giessegi stands for:
Creativity with road adhesion
Quality at a good price
Troubleshooting based on partnership, and
Production made in Germany by Franconia

True partnership crystallizes during the hard day-to-day business.
More than 30 years of fair cooperation is
probably the best argument for the qualities of Giessegi.
In my opinion, they are the partner who finds solutions
for many of my problems. No matter if technical or with regards
to deadlines, Giessegi always has creative solutions at a fair price.

Reliable without any fail,
always fair, entirely serious.
First-class partner!

Reliable, down-to-earth and innovative
a great mix and exactly the right partner for us!